Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Has "Appeared" on the PlayStation Store
Ahmet Aksungur
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Has "Appeared" on the PlayStation Store

Marvel's Spider-Man 2, the new game in the Marvel's Spider-Man series, has suddenly appeared on the PlayStation Store page. Of course, expectations that the game could be announced soon have also gone through the roof.

Marvel's Spider-Man series, which met us with two games in 2018 and 2020 respectively as PlayStation exclusive games, is apparently getting its third game very soon. Because Sony either made a big mistake, or made a significant ‘mistake’ to bring people to instant gas.

Some gamers who visited the PS Store on PlayStation came across a game called “Marvel's Spider-Man 2”. On the page specially created for the game, it was even allowed to add the game to the wish list.

The mysterious new game page that appeared on the PS Store disappeared as soon as it arrived. But many players managed to take a snapshot of the game's page. When we look at the image, unfortunately, we can't see any details about the game. The media part of the game, where there are visuals taken from inside, can only be seen from the end.

Aaron Jason Espinoza, Community Manager of Insomniac Games, the developer of the series, made this post on December 10. The said sharing was interpreted with the possibility that the new game could be released in 2023.


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