How To Play Los Banditos ?
How To Play Los Banditos ?

Los Banditos

A casual dice game by Reiner Knizia for 2 players and aged 8+


  • 24 Dice (4 different colored dice; 6 of each colour)

  • 10 Loot coins (4 pieces of 1-point loot, 3 pieces of 2-point loot, and 3 pieces of 3-point loot)


Both players sit opposite each other. There are 10 loot coint facing down. 4 pieces of loot are placed in front of the players, in a row, in the middle of the game table. The player who makes the first move starts with a single dice (they will play with 2 dice in the next rounds)

The Purpose Of The Game

Both players try to get the middle loot. The player who makes the best combination on three dice (see below) a longside a loot chip wins that tropy. The first player with a total score of 10 or more wins the game.

Play Order

Players take turns. When it is his turn, he draws two dice from a bag (blindly) and rolls them. (In the first round of the game, the first player rolls only one dice). And then the player must place their dice next to one of the loot.

Note: There can be a maximum of 3 dice on each side of a loot chips.

Winning loot: When it is their turn (i.e., until they pass the bag to their opponent), a player can clain or abandon ordinary loot. He can do it before or after rolling the dice.

The player can claim and leave the loot at any time (while in the queue).

Claim: To claim a trophy, the player must have three dice on their side of the chip. Also, his opponent must not have formed a better combination chance with the three dice. (see below for hierarchy of combinations), regardless of which dice you use. Only then can a player get a trophy.

Abandonment: Regardless of the amount of dice placed next to a chip, a player can also abondon it. In this case, the opponent wins that loot and the dice next to that loot go back into the bag.

If there are three dice on either side of a loot chip, it is won by the player with the best combination.

The player places the loot in front of him on the table. All dice next to a chip return to the bag after being claimed. Then the top loot from the middle closed loot pile is placed in place of the other loot that went down the middle so that there are 4 loots in the middle again. If the pieces run out, the game continues (with existing ones) without placing any new loot

Dice Combinations

These are possible combinations with three dices. The hierarchy ranges from three separate dice (the wors) of the three types (best) of the same color.

Three Flush: Three dices of the same color, of the same value
Straight Flush: Three dice of the same color with consecutive values
Three Of A Kind: Three dice of any color of the same value
Straight: Three dice of any color with consecutive values
Pair Flush: Two dice of the same color and value + any other dice
Pair: Two dice of any color with the same value + any other dice
Individuals: Any other combination of the three dice

Example Scenerio

(1) Player rolls 1, 1 and 6. Since he wants to preserve the possibility of creating a triple flush next to the 3 point chip and doesn`t want to destroy the potential of a kind 5, he abondons the 1 and then that loot chip (2). (3) Thus, player 2 gets it. Now, player 1. 6 places their 6 face up next to the new loot tile. (4) He could also drop the chip first, but in that case he would face the provlem of not having a good spot to place 1 of them.

How Game Ends ?

When one of player reach point of 10 or more game will end and player who reach 10+ point wins.

Reiner Knizia
Los Banditos

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